Monisha Chandanani

Intuitive Leadership Coach +
Founder of See.Love.Choose.


How do you shine your light in the world? 
(in five words or less)

I love boldly

What 3 words best describe you?
Radiant, Joyful, Insightful

What advice do you have for other illuministas?
(in five words or less)
You are divinity manifest.

“In a recent move to a new apartment, I was starting fresh – from my kitchen supplies to my couch – I had a blank canvas to build something beautiful. I knew I wanted my home to feel bright, colorful and alive, yet I was overwhelmed by the options, and frankly didn’t know where to start. I needed direction. Enter Jaime.

Jaime swept in like breath of fresh air. Her enthusiasm and clear vision for what was possible in the space immediately allowed me to relax and enjoy the process. She asked the right clarifying questions that helped me understand she knew what I wanted. She presented me with creative ideas, to maximize the space with fresh style and design, in ways that I would have never considered on my own.

When I walk into my home I am so very happy to be there. No matter what my mood, being in an environment that reflects the most vibrant parts of myself, lifts me up and reminds me to celebrate how far I have come!”

Monisha Chandanani

See. Love. Choose.