I am beyond grateful to have worked with such vibrant, dynamic illuministas. Being a part of their transformations has lit up my life — just as they light up the world!

Read below to find out more about them and their experiences with Illuminista Living.



Intuitive Leadership Coach + Founder,
See. Love. Choose.

What 3 words best describe you?
Radiant. Joyful. Insightful.

How do you shine your light in the world?
I love boldly.

What advice do you have for other illuministas?
You are divinity manifest.

In a recent move to a new apartment, I was starting fresh – I had a blank canvas to build something beautiful. Yet, I was overwhelmed by the options, and frankly didn’t know where to start. I needed direction. Enter Jaime.

Jaime swept in like breath of fresh air. Her enthusiasm and clear vision for what was possible in the space immediately allowed me to relax and enjoy the process. She presented me with creative ideas, to maximize the space with fresh style and design, in ways that I would have never considered on my own.

When I walk into my home I am so very happy to be there. No matter what my mood, being in an environment that reflects the most vibrant parts of myself, lifts me up and reminds me to celebrate how far I have come!”



Facilitator, Coach, + Mentor,

What 3 words best describe you?
Authentic. Connected. Peaceful.

How do you shine your light in the world?
Abundance – Love – Courage – Leadership – Hugs

What advice do you have for other illuministas?
Be your authentic self.

Jaime helped me create our new home that truly reflects our family – in style, comfort and color. She has been consistent in keeping things organized and moving along and sent me lots of great ideas to consider while helping to narrow down options. Her energy/enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to know my style while supporting me through this project has been a delightful gift. We are loving our new home! Thank you, Jaime.”



Meditation Instructor,
A Little Meditation

What 3 words best describe you?
Passionate. Sincere. Quirky

How do you shine your light in the world?
Inspiring happier, healthier, stress-free living.

What advice do you have for other illuministas?
Your limitless life awaits you.

There are a hundred reasons why my energy was closed to falling in love, but I was curious and convinced something had to change. I called Jaime to guide me in opening my heart and to manifest a relationship. She immediately showed me how to clear the energy of my bedroom and fine tune details I had never noticed. The changes were simple and cost me nothing. My space was very organized too, so it surprised me when she explained how certain objects, art and their placement (all unnoticeable to me) were reinforcing old patterns and blocking energy. In half a day, she transformed my space (and my life). Two months later, I met a man. We have fallen in love. I’m shocked and thrilled. I continue to marvel at the simplicity and beauty of her work. She is a master at her art. She’s pure joy and serves with pure loving intention to help people manifest their dreams.”



Sales Executive

What 3 words best describe you?
Bright. Uninhibited. Enthusiastic.

How do you shine your light in the world?
Consciously spreading good emotions everywhere.

What advice do you have for other illuministas?
Say yes to everything!

Where to start? No really, that’s what we were asking when we moved into our new home shaped like a baby grand piano. Talk about difficulty from a design and Feng Shui standpoint. Within the first couple minutes, Jaime found a layout that worked for our awkwardly shaped living room. She also helped us use the furniture we already had and helped find the perfect pieces for every room that hold strong significant meaning to our life and relationship together. We are SO in love with our space and it truly feels like our home embodies our personality. When our friends walked into our newly designed home for the first time they said “Wow, it looks like a movie star lives here!”



Jewelry Designer,
Lobas Design

What 3 words best describe you?
Creative. Kind. Passionate.

How do you shine your light in the world?
Through authenticity and creating beauty.

What advice do you have for other illuministas?
Stay open, magic is possible!

I am very discerning with my personal space, it is small so everything I bring into my home has a story, purpose or meaning. I invited Jaime into my home to find out which areas of my life I could strengthen. We were both pleasantly surprised to find that my love and relationships area is in my bedroom. Jaime was quick to notice that I had perfectly curated a home built specifically for one person. There was one of everything including artwork depicting one singular woman all over my walls. I was telling the universe in every way I wanted to be alone, however; in my heart, I didn’t believe this to be true. With Jaime’s gentle guidance and suggestions I began intentionally bringing items into my home that invited in the energy of another person and I am now carefully curating my home in a whole new way while simultaneously doing the work to expand and open my heart. ”

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