Feng Shui +
Design Services

Illuminista Living uses the ancient art of Feng Shui in a modern capacity to enhance the natural balance and support of your home—allowing you to simply live a happier and healthier life.

By adding intentional design to the mix, we will use your space as a catalyst to manifesting your specific desires—so that you can reach your highest potential and shine your light more brilliantly into the world!

Dwell in


Design & styling based on your personal taste to create beautiful and expressive spaces that are an extension of your best Self!

Be in the


Feng Shui remedies based on your custom report to harmonize your home with nature, improving your personal feel-good vibes and overall wellbeing!

Live with


Intentional decorating based on your unique bagua map, allowing you to use your home as a catalyst to manifesting your deepest desires!


for illuministas

Illuminista Living helps you to maximize the functionality, intentional design, and flow of energy in a space. Feng Shui + Design packages are designed for you, the illuministas of the world, to harness the dynamic power of your unique environments.



The Essential Package is designed to furnish (pun intended) you and your unique property with fundamental Feng Shui and intentional design recommendations, and includes the following:

Intake Process
Initial Consultation and Property Tour
Follow-up Consultation
Personalized Recommendations Report

Recommendations cover the following areas:

  • Feng Shui Remedies
  • Furniture Positioning
  • Floor Plan Flow
  • Intentional Décor
  • Balancing the Elements



The Exclusive Package is completely customized based on your distinct needs and desires and is designed for clients wanting additional and ongoing support. These packages are limited in availability (only 5 clients simultaneously, so that each receive maximal attention), and include the following:

The entire Essential Package
Weekly consultations
Ongoing email + text support

The additional consultations and ongoing support focus on any or all of the following areas:

  • Decluttering/Organization
  • Room Styling
  • Furniture Sourcing
  • Inspiration Boards
  • Color Theory
  • Textile/Paint Selection
  • Space Clearing
  • Creating Altars
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Meditation Instruction